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Our Story

Brittany + Hayden Jewelry Making Picture

 Hi! I’m Brittany, the creator of Hayden B. Jewelry, and I'm so glad you've found my shop.

A little about me, and how Hayden B. Jewelry was born: making earrings started for me as a creative outlet (I'm a Marriage and Family Therapist by day) to wind down from the stress I take home after helping others during their most trying times. But I quickly realized that I had an opportunity to offer a product to women that is high-quality AND affordable. My hands bend, twist, pack, and send every single one of your orders and I really take pride in the hard work that goes into each pair.

Hayden B. Jewelry is named after my daughter Hayden (pictured with me above!) I'm so incredibly proud to be her mom, and I handmade her, too, so it seemed fitting 😉. I recently had my second daughter Ella and made a very special pair of hoops in her honor: The "Ella Hoops". They are small, beautiful, + delicate just like she is. 

Thank you thank you thank you for being here, and for shopping small business.