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What Is 14k Gold Filled?

The best of both worlds.

When you buy our high-quality, 14k gold filled products, you get top notch quality jewelry at an affordable price. It's that simple. If you want to learn more about it, we have compiled answers for the most frequently asked questions below.

What is Gold Filled jewelry?

The term "Gold filled" is a regulated industry standard that requires the jewelry's metal to consist of at least 5% solid gold by weight.

How is it made?

Multiple layers of solid 14k gold are bonded with extreme heat over a high quality core of jeweler's brass. This process results in high-quality and durable jewelry. It looks & feels just like solid gold.

Is it actually filled with gold?

No, the name is quite counterintuitive! The thick layer of 14k solid gold is only on the outermost part of the jewelry and there's no filling involved. The core consists of high quality jeweler's brass. 

Is "Gold Fill" and "Gold Filled" the same thing?

Yes. These terms are interchangeable. And by the way, even if the number of karats isn't mentioned, you can probably assume that it's 14k as it makes up 95% of all the gold filled products sold in the US.

Is it really made with solid gold?

Yes, it is! There's a thick layer of solid 14k gold covering the jewelry's brass core, which is the same exact 14k solid gold you'd get when buying solid gold jewelry. The best of both worlds!

How much solid gold do I get?

When you buy 14k gold filled jewelry, you get at least 5% real, solid 14k gold. And while 5% may sound very little, it's all on the outside and makes a very thick layer. 14k gold filled jewelry looks & feels just like solid gold and you won't be able to tell the difference!

Is Gold Filled and Gold Plated the same?

No, they aren't. Gold filled jewelry has a lot more gold in it and undergoes a much more rigorous process. This results in higher quality & durability than gold plated jewelry. Also, it is hard to know exactly what you're getting when you purchase gold plated jewelry, because thickness standards are not defined and therefore can't be closely regulated.

Is Gold Filled and Gold Vermeil the same?

No - you guessed it! Gold filled has a much thicker layer of gold over the base metal, which makes a big difference in the jewelry's ability to resist wear and tear.

Is Gold Filled better than Gold Plated and/or Gold Vermeil?

Much better, trust us! Gold Filled is as close as you can get to solid gold and significantly more affordable.

Does it contain Nickel?

No, it does not.

I have sensitive skin - can I wear it?

Yes. 99.99% of people have no sensitivity to gold filled jewelry. If you don't have a sensitivity wearing solid gold, you should not have any issues wearing gold filled either. We're talking real gold here, remember? 

Will it discolor my skin?

No. About 0.00001 of people experience discoloration when wearing gold, but it's typically because of medications present in their system that interact with the gold. If your solid gold jewelry doesn't discolor your skin, you are in the clear. And even if it does, soap and water will take it away.

Will it peel or rust?

No, it will not peel and can't possibly rust.

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